I’ve been on a hiatus, and that’s because I don’t try so hard in the offseason anymore. Also, now there are so many more amateur basketball bloggers (I’ve been doing it for a while now now that you think about it) and so much great material out there that. In other words, if there is Coca Cola and I am some cheap knockoff Cola brand, why do I even exist?

But in the words of the great Walter White, I’ll admit that blogging about basketball was always for me. I wasn’t necessarily good at it, but I enjoyed it. I did not really start as a way to provide for my family (LOL oh god no) but as a way to practice my writing, be better at expressing my thoughts, and to challenge myself analytically. Basketball no longer became just a sport I watched. I forced myself to pay more attention, with the chance that I get some new, better material. It also serves as a chronicle to my life, because each and every blog post I write is somewhat of a snapshot of that part of my life. I really can draw a parallel from my blog to my life. I first started this blog with my best friend Brian, and it was supposed to be our basketball blog. As time progressed Brian became more busy with school, while I continued to bum my ass around watching basketball and writing about it every now and then.

With the basketball season starting again, comes another saga in my blogging career. Maybe now that I am supposedly more mature than I was before, I could make better, more enlightening posts.

We are spoiled that the season is starting with such a fantastic matchup. LeBron James needs no introduction, and at this point he is at the prime of his career, challenging all-time greats.

Tom Thibodeau and the Bulls have made a statement in the current landscape of the NBA. Thibodeau is a defensive mastermind and has proved how far a team’s defense can take them. Think about how MVP LeBron James left Cleveland and the Cavaliers plummeted to the bottom of the standings, while the Bulls were able to throw an undersized Nate Robinson in the place of their MVP and still be one of the top teams in the east.

Whatever dude.

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