Summer NBA Playlist: Week 1

Since I’m too lazy to write full posts, I’ll compile a list of good NBA videos to watch so you can kind of get your basketball fix. Each week I’ll find 10 videos to watch.

Video 1 – Chris Paul Highlights

The last image of a point guard most NBA fans have is Tony Parker playing a well-fought series against the 2013 Miami Heat. Some people might even forget just how Chris Paul is. Here’s a compilation of some of his season highlights.

Video 2 – Larry Bird

Because while fantasizing about Kelly Olynyk being the next Larry Bird is fun, it’s not THAT fun. Although I do wonder if the current Olynyk could jump in a time machine into the 80s and play decent. I love watching highlights of older guys. This is one from him in 1986, the season many believe to be his best. This happens to be from a stretch when Kevin McHale had to sit out, and Larry Bird put up incredible numbers.

Video 3 – Hakeem Olajuwon dominating David Robinson

Chose this video for a few reasons. We’ve all heard about Olajuwon embarrassing Robinson on his MVP night. We’ve all seen the GIF of that Dream Shake. This is the first time I’ve seen the trophy presentation video, and seeing the trophy presentation then watching Hakeem unleash a plethora of post moves makes the video so much sweeter. This video is also significant because of the whole Dwight Howard Houston decision and their rich history of centers.

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