What in the fuck!?


LeBron James is a fucking GOD. 73.7% field goal percentage and 56.3% from the 3 point line!? That is so fucking incredible that you think the 31.0 PPG is really low… Except 31 points a game is enough to lead the league in scoring right now. Imagine this. If there was one point last season where Kevin Durant was ‘only’ scoring 23.2 PPG, but on 56.7 FG% and 68.8 3P%, it would have made a mini-headline because that would just be an incredibly efficient scoring output.

Except those numbers are happening right now with Kevin Durant, and no one fucking gives a shit about Kevin because LeBron’s numbers make Kevin Durant look like a fucking wannabe kindergartener.

Has anyone ever had those Welch’s Fruit Snacks? Get a big box of them from Costco. They are fucking fantastic. I highly recommend them.

But yes. LeBron is redefining efficiency. I remember three years ago, I was part of the “I don’t think LeBron can get any better” camp, as well as many basketball fans. Think about how good he was in 09 and 10. Guy was leading the league in scoring, was a fucking triple double threat, and he lead his team to the best records in the league. As an individual, he has done everything humanly possible as a basketball player.

Except over the last few years, LeBron has become even stronger, even faster, developed a killer instinct, been able to handle the pressure, turned from the most hated guy in the NBA to one of the most loved personalities in the world. He is simply the greatest pro athlete playing any sport today. I strongly believe that.

And now he is about to become something so big that none of us could even imagine. He destroyed an NBA scoring record in scoring efficiency, something typically reserved for big men who have a relatively low percentage of error in the shots they take. This was a guy racing down the wings, hoisting up turn around jump shots, pull up jumpers, spot up 3 pointers… This was the guy a whole team’s defense revolves their team around… and he is still shooting… WHAT? 73.7% FROM THE FIELD!? 31 POINTS A GAME!?

The whole world is playing a game of basketball. And then there’s LeBron James, who plays his own game. People are already bringing back the Michael Jordan comparisons, but I say bring it on. I highly doubt LeBron James gets even better than he does now, but that’s how I felt when he was in the last of his Cleveland days.

The media will follow LeBron’s quest… Once he gets to 5, and Kobe is probably retired, with probably 5 championship rings, people will start talking, ESPN will get Kobe Bryant on interviews, and Kobe will make some big controversial statement in typical Kobe fashion that kind of attacks LeBron, or undermines his achievements.

Once LeBron hears about this comment, he’ll come up with some incredible comment with implied Michael Jordan connotations and Kobe’s failure to catch up to Jordan in terms of accolades.

Nike milks the SHIT out of this rivalry, makes crazy cool commercials and awesome apparel lines and some clever social networking thing.

In the NBA Finals where LeBron is trying to get his sixth ring, people ask if he has officially surpassed Kobe Bryant as a player, and if he has also surpassed other greats such as Tim Duncan, Shaquille O’Neal, possibly Larry Bird and Magic Johnson.

Fiery debates start over who is the second greatest basketball player of all-time after Michael Jordan, and where LeBron comes in.

Some people are already saying that LeBron is a top 3 greatest player of all time.

LeBron gets championship number 7, after trouncing both the Bobcats and the Bulls in earlier rounds to really get Michael Jordan’s attention. Kevin Durant is still ringless after many Finals match-ups against LeBron.

The floodgates open. LeBron has won 7 NBA Championships with 7 Finals MVPs. The only other non-Russell Celtic with this many NBA Championships is Robert Horry. People are sure that he is at least the second best player in the NBA. Many fans are convinced, mainly because many of the NBA fans then will never have watched Michael Jordan play. Many older players and sportscasters swear by Michael Jordan being the greatest ever, but many agree LeBron is second.

People start asking when LeBron would become the undisputed great. People are debating over a number. Someone brings up LeBron’s infamous “not two, not three, not four, not five…” and point out that LeBron stops at “not seven.” 8 becomes the number that LeBron needed to attain, to become the greatest of all time. He will be the NBA player with the most championships who wasn’t a part of the Bill Russell Celtics, and would actually be tied for third all time. He also would have backed up an immature, early-Miami LeBron James said. Do you think LeBron James today still would have made the “not two, not three, not four” speech? Hell no!

But ladies and gentlemen, we really may be in the middle of witnessing something great. I am really kicking myself in the balls for not applying to the University of Miami. It just would have been incredible.


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