Knicks Vs. Spurs… CLASH OF THE TITANS!? And serious stuff… Mostly serious stuff.

Who knew that at this point of the season, the two best teams in the NBA were the Knicks and the Spurs?

Maybe you could have predicted the Spurs. I certainly would have. But the Knicks? All the Jeremy Lin defenders (me included) feel pretty stupid right now. All I have to say is that this two point guard system (mainly Kidd) is doing wonders for Carmelo. I think a backcourt of Kidd and Lin would work equally well. Also we have to remember that the Knicks are playing without Amar’e, who is now a former shell of the former shell of himself. Hard times for STAT.

The state of this blog-for the few that care… This is what is going to happen. If I ever decide to write anything serious (for my standards anyway), it will likely appear on Last Word on Sports if anything. Although this is not some type of journalistic breakthrough, the guys there are giving me a great opportunity to expose any basketball writing I put out. They have a solid team of people promoting the site, and I’ve been getting hits upwards of a thousand a day because of that site. It’s a growing website that is picking up momentum as of late.

Smoke Rafer is still the closest thing to a metaphorical heart and soul to me. From the witty blog name (thank you, thank you), the eyebrow shaving, random clever banners, and the general Jeremy Lin fanjerk the blog became, this site is an amalgamation of things that I enjoy and would like to do, if real life did not get in the way.

To the few readers who probably check the site once a month, relax. Smoke Rafer is not ending. My direction going forward is that I will post more serious basketball articles on Last Word, crosspost the pieces I like more onto this site, and then leave all the stuff that may be a little bit politically incorrect on this site. Or really stupid posts. It’s my website, I pay $15 a year for the domain name… I can do whatever the fuck I want. Including swearing.

It’s been kind of a long week for me, and I still have work to do. If I work for the next 3 hours I will be free to watch a true statement game early in this regular season. If the Knicks win, the whole league will know that they’re not fucking around. If the Spurs win, people will be quick to write the Knicks off, and then a few more “Spurs are old, but never count them out” type articles will start popping up around the internet. What is it going to be??

:0 :0 :0

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