Do you ever…

Wake up a from a night of not-so-hard partying, feel groggy while trying to recollect memories from last night, try to ease back into your daily routine, then suddenly feel a need to reassess your priorities in life? Wondering if you’re being surrounded by the right people, questioning if you are where you want to be in life? Ponder where life will take you in five years… ten years…

Apart from my general laziness, I haven’t been writing in Smoke Rafer for a while because a different site got me to be an NBA writer for them. Which is completely fine, because I do like writing about basketball.

This period of time (late August/early-mid September) is a absolute hell stretch for me because the two things that have been good at keeping me in check–school and basketball–are not on. There is nothing for me to study, and relatively little for me to write about or watch. Late August/early-mid September Jordan is Jordan at his absolute worst. His other friends have all left to their respective schools, and I’m either sitting at my desk watching porn (is it okay to admit you watch porn? Do people get mad if politicians watch porn?), making pointless NBA-related lists, refreshing RealGM and r/nba and feeling frustrated for a lack of new content, skipping days for showers, while also trying to trick myself into watching college or professional football… Which has worked zero times in the last five or so years.

I even have a fantasy football team, but I got destroyed 79-115 this week because of some combination of Calvin Johnson and Giants defense killing me. Also Rob Gronkowski stunk it up. The biggest decisions I have to make as of late is deciding whether to start Matt Stafford or Robert Griffin III, something I can’t make any sort of informed decision about.

It’s now 11:11 AM on this fine Monday morning and I have already taken two dumps. Instead of typing late August/early-mid September every time, I will refer to this period time as dead time, because that’s all it really is. Some of the least productive weeks of my life are spent during dead time each year. And yes, I am in dead time right now, although school dead time will be ending in three days. Dead time officially ends when the basketball season starts. Once school resumes I am only in partial dead time.

In fact dead time is so amazingly unproductive and not enlightening that writing about my personal life in my basketball blog is one of the best things I could do to ameliorate this dark and gloomy time in my life.

Which kind of makes me wonder if other NBA players have ‘dead times.’ Chris Bosh (who gradually turned into one of my favorite NBA players) probably had a lot of dead time in the 2010-2011 NBA season. The Heat were winning, but they weren’t exactly dominant. During the stretches where the Heat were dominant, LeBron and Dwyane took the spotlight, while Bosh quietly sat on the side. Occasionally when neither James or Wade did anything special, or one or two of them sat out and Bosh had a good game, Chris would attract a little more attention, but really not that much.

Bosh spent a season in the shadow of his two co-stars, was pretty much shat on the entire time either by critics, stupid fans, smart fans, other NBA players, and even his own teammates. He dealt with all this, stuck for the ride thinking that it will all be worth it in the end, but he wasn’t able to win a championship. I honestly don’t know where I’m going with this, but right now I feel like Chris Bosh in the 2010-2011 NBA season. It sucks.

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