The Minnesota Timberwhites

Is it really possible for an NBA team to have only one black player on their rotation… In the 21st century? This will be the first time since the 1940s that an NBA team will be this white. As it stands, the Timberwolves depth chart looks like this (courtesy of Rotoworld and RealGM)

  • PG – Ricky Rubio/Luke Ridnour/JJ Barea
  • SG – Brandon Roy/Alexey Shved/Malcolm Lee
  • SF – Andrei Kirilenko/Chase Budinger/Robbie Hummel
  • PF – Kevin Love/Derrick Williams/Dante Cunningham
  • C – Nikola Pekovic/Greg Stiemsma

Black players bolded. Or should I say African-American players. No I should definitely say black. There are only 4 black people on their roster, two of them are third string options at their position, and one of them has knees that may give in at any minute, making his NBA return nothing but a mildly interesting feel-good story. Also Brandon Roy might be half black.

So it is very possible that at some point during the NBA season, the Minnesota Timberwolves will have a 9-10 man rotation with only one black guy.

Think of all the high basketball IQ, hustle, willingness to draw the charge, impact that does not show up on the boxscore, coachability, deceptive athleticism, good hands, and sound fundamentals that the Timberwolveswhites will have next year! Every player is a hard worker and they will all be the first to enter the gym and last to leave. It’s going to be ridiculous!


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