The best Jeremy Lin meme on the internet

I really have to take credit for this one. I created it, posted it on the meme page for my university, put it on my NBA meme tumblr ( and now I can proclaim this as the best Jeremy Lin meme on the internet. The “Who says Asians can’t drive” one is kind of stupid.

Tonight could have been the peak of Lin-mania… Linsanity… Whatever you want to call it. He gets some playful, competitive jabs from Kobe then drops 38 (I know every single sports website and social media has reported this, but it is still unbelievable to comprehend). At one point there has to be a realization that this guy makes an argument to be a top 10 point guard in the NBA. You have guys like Rose, Paul, Williams, Westbrook, Rondo, and Nash who you would take as point guards clearly better than Jeremy Lin, but if he can get somewhere close to a 20-8 (I believe he’s at 28-8 right now) then there is a legitimate (or should I say, Lin-gitimate) case for him to be top 10.

As promised, the All-Star Snubs will be coming up. I think the internet really has to understand how hard it is to not talk about Jeremy Lin. I think I am starting to forgive all those guys who couldn’t stop talking about Tim Tebow.

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