The Jeremy Lin Show!!! Asians Unite!!!

There was once a time when I was obsessed with Jeremy Lin. He was the talk of Palo Alto when he signed an NBA deal. I talked to one of my friends Adam and we both agreed that he would score 30 points at least once in his career. Jeremy proceeds to get waived by the Warriors, the Rockets picked him up for a few minutes, and somehow Jeremy managed to make an NBA squad for the lockout shortened 2011-2012 NBA season. He was playing under the most point guard friendly coach in the NBA, so maybe he finally had a shot at making something out of himself in the league.

Jeremy played an impressive 21 minutes through the first 18 Knick games, and he was not on the active list in many of these games. If he was on the active list, it would just show as a “DNP — Asian” on the box score. There came a point where I just had to accept that Jeremy Lin could not succeed at the NBA level. Jeremy Lin’s novelty was starting to wear off. It’s that moment when I had to accept that Anthony Randolph was not the next Magic Johnson. Acknowledging that rookie your team drafted, the one that you’ve hyped to your friends for months, is really not that good… Unless you are a fan of the Oklahoma City Thunder, because every guy they draft is amazing. Even Byron Mullens… who is having a career year with the Bobcats.

I was thoroughly convinced that Jeremy Lin was a scrub. He plays garbage garbage time. The type of garbage time where if your main garbage unit gets tired, you put in your garbage garbage players. He does a lot of things right, but nothing particularly well, and his ceiling as a player is as high as Tim Tebow at a college party. He puts more Asians in the seats than any other player in the league, and is league leader (after surpassing teammate Baron Davis) as the NBA player with the most appearances on Kevjumba videos.

Then last night happened. Or the night before, because I am writing this past midnight. Jeremy exploded. 25 points, 5 rebounds, 7 assists. That’s a Kobe Bryant stat line. There was finally an Asian that could ball in the NBA without being 9 feet tall. An Asian basketball player who could compete with the menacing black guys of the league. An Asian guy who played with the swagger that only a guard could exhibit. It’s the 21st century, the NBA is anyone’s game. Screw stereotypes right?


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