LeBron Tebow

Hold up. Everyone has to step off the anti-LeBron-because-of-one-or-two-games bandwagon. The Clipper game is his first game of the season where he shot below 50 percent from the field. LeBron is still shooting 57% from the field (and a pretty high TS% if you want to go by those cool advanced statistics). He’s still averaging near a triple double and used to lead the league on scoring until Kobe went H.A.M (did people use the phrase “go ham” before Watch The Throne?).

I pretty much called Kobe Bryant having an 06/07 type season. I don’t know if I’ve ever written it here but I am absolutely certain that’s what I thought in my head before the season started. You know how there are people that like to stay at home every weekend to bake or play video games or pursuit some of their other interests? Kobe loves basketball so much that if he went to college he would rather be shooting hoops in the gym on the weekends rather than getting with attractive co-eds wanting on his black mamba. Vanessa Bryant didn’t file for divorce because she was a greedy gold digger that wanted half his life savings. It’s because Kobe is a bad husband who only cares about basketball.

Back to our boy LeBron. The point is made that he is still the best player in the league 9 nights out of 10. The Heat may have dropped two games and LeBron may have been ineffective in both of them… But that’s about it. I was at the Heat-Warriors game, and when you are at the game, you pay attention to every play because you need to get your money’s worth. My heart sinks every time James touches the ball. Dwyane Wade was having a much better game in terms of scoring, but I do not get the same heart-sinking feeling when Wade is handling the ball at the top of the key. LeBron is the only player in the league that can evoke that feeling of fear whether he’s made his last 20 shots or missed his last 30.

And what in the world? LeBron James likens himself to Tim Tebow? People ask me who I think the Tim Tebow of the NBA is. You can make an argument for Rondo in terms of play style (if you tried your best to cross compare basketball and football) or you can go Jimmer Fredette/Tyler Hansbrough route where you are a college legend with lots of question marks heading to the pros. I think Ricky Rubio is a pretty good comparison too, but there is no better NBA comparison to Tim Tebow than…

The Anti-LeBron James.

One skipped college, one had the most lustrous careers of any college athlete. One is the biggest villain of sports, one is the second coming of Jesus. One headed into the pros without a single doubt of his talent, while the other is questioned his whole college career. One has all worldly talent, the greatest combination of talent and athleticism ever packaged into a single human being, the other one, the skill most important to him, almost as reliable as Shaquille O’Neal’s free throw shooting. Yet one manages to lose games in the fourth quarter year to year, and the other always finds a way to win.

On a side note, we’ve changed our posting a little bit so instead of me signing off at the bottom with my name in a cool teal or turquoise color, it says who the post is posted by. It has my full name too because I like to put my name out there.

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