That hurt.

I recently put an order in for the Nike Basketball “Basketball Never Stops” shirt because I needed it bad. Shipping was $8 and after you include tax, it came out over $40, which officially makes that shirt the most expensive t-shirt I have ever purchased.

…But it is such an awesome shirt so it’s worth every penny. I didn’t know if it was ever going to come out and the Nike Store only had the Kentucky Blue so I got that. Of  course now they release it in every color imaginable, including a pretty cool Miami Dolphins inspired colorway.  At $30 a pop I won’t be buying too many of these, so I’m going to wait for the sale and try to get whatever I can get. If it matters these are Dri-Fit shirts which are noticeably better in quality than this Butler Bulldogs t-shirt I got from Nike some time during the NCAA tournament.

I’m proud to announce that for the next month (and possibly more), Smoke Rafer is now a college basketball blog and will be renamed to Smoke Jimmer until the lockout is resolved. Now if you’re like me you only watch college basketball when it’s the tournament, a big game between two ranked teams or some good NBA prospects, or a potential upset.

I actually don’t know that much about college basketball, so for now Smoke Jimmer will pretend to know what it’s talking about. The College Hoops season tips off November 7th, with some scrubby teams playing… St. John’s hasn’t been historically horrible right? I was thinking that’s where Jameer Nelson played college ball but it’s actually where Chris Mullin, Mark Jackson, and Metta World Peace came from.

Number 16th ranked Arizona also plays that day… They happen to have two freshmen that I have been following last season. Josiah Turner was one of the top prospects out of California and Angelo Chol was that one guy that averaged a monstrous amount of blocks.

That’s how I little know about NCAA basketball. I know Harrison Barnes and Jared Sullinger are going to best the best players in the game… I’m always a fan of big man prospects and Tyler Zeller is supposed to be one of the top centers in college basketball…

I was really underwhelmed. But hell, what do I know.

– Jordan

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