Forever Locked Out

I once took a journalism class (can you not tell by the quality of my writing?) and my professor used to be a sportswriter. This story might have been shared before, but I will share it again. This class was during the summer and it was in the absolute dead time of the NBA season, where the immediate offseason player movement has ended, and the Vegas Summer League has yet to start. I asked my professor “what do you write about during the offseason?” and to this he responded “There is never an offseason. Football transitions into basketball, basketball transitions into baseball, then baseball transitions back into football. There is never an offseason.”

…and these are all profound words, but this blog is called Smoke Rafer, and not Smoke Ndamukong, or Smoke Ichiro (ever think about how a lot of baseball stars have pretty regular first names? Derek, Alex, Albert, Joe, Tim, Roy… etc.,)

So there have been a bunch of pretty cool and fun meaningless exhibition games going on. Rookies like Josh Selby (I’ve been a fan for a while) have been getting some burn, and other second to seventh string NBA players get to be on the highlight reel.

If you watched the Jimmer game, or even the highlights, Jimmer Fredette seems to be the real deal in terms of an NBA scorer. I compared him to Stephen Curry because I didn’t want to be racist and compare him to JJ Redick, but from a pure offensive standpoint, I see him as a bit of a JJ Barea/Jason Terry hybrid. Those Eddie House comparisons are completely unfair to Jimmer.

He’s the most intriguing prospect for me and he’s the anti-Anthony Randolph. Jimmer is not a freak athlete close to 7 feet tall, he’s skilled, and has a well-defined game… We just have to wait and see how he pans out against the real big boys.

Yea… not much going on in the offseason so I’ll just go on and ramble about Jimmer. College is pretty fantastic by the way. Thanks for asking.

– Jordan

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