All Eyez on Yi

WordPress is blocked in China! Thankfully if you bought an actual domain name for your blog (like yours truly) your site can still be accessed without the use of a VPN or a proxy. I can not post any posts because I have to log in through WordPress, but I got a VPN service and now I can access the horrible evils of Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, WordPress, Wikipedia, IMDb (!?), and the list goes on.

I’m able to get some of my basketball fix because there are an infinite amount of channels on Chinese television and there is always a basketball game on. I remember they replay some Rockets games from time to time and they show CBA games and other lesser international competitions.

I’m fortunate enough tonight to be watching games from the London Invitational that actually features real NBA players. Tonight I’m watching China vs Croatia. My television is not that great and cuts off conveniently at the scoreboard, but I get to watch some professional basketball so I can’t complain. China is headlined by NBA starter-scrub Yi Jianlian, the Chinese Magic Johnson Sun Yue, and I am pleasantly surprised to see Cal Golden Bear Max Zhang filling in as the new extremely tall Chinese guy that people commonly mistake for Yao Ming.

China’s offense switches between running through Yi Jianlian like he’s Dirk Nowitzki or getting one of their skill-less 7 foot stiffs to set a screen for the ball handler and then trying to create something.

I just really really miss basketball and I will slaughter David Stern if there is no NBA season.

I never got to post this because my internet was acting up… but since I wrote it I might as well post it. Man… basketball…

Here’s a pretty cool clip from some Goodman League vs Drew League (I don’t really understand what that is) featuring lots of really cool plays that you wish you saw in an All-Star Game. Lots of Javale McGee, two nice DeMarcus Cousins slams, some James Harden (quickly becoming one of the most overrated players in the NBA in my opinion), and Kevin Durant absolutely tearing it up.

– Jordan

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