NBA Lockout Jobs: Part 1

When the last lockout happened, I was too busy playing Pokémon to care about anything.

This current lockout is all I care about. The thought of no basketball for a season worries me.

This video above was made during the last lockout, and it features two of the most mature and classiest players in the league taking a playful (you can also argue childish) stab at the lockout. Well Timmy and Grant have both come a long way but it’s still a pretty funny video, even if you ignore the fact it features Duncan and Hill.

Here’s my little report on NBA Lockout jobs. If you frequent other basketball sites and forums a lot then none of this should be knew, but I found this stuff entertaining.

Kobe Bryant – Basketball Camp Superstar

A lot of NBA  players have summer camps. I’ve personally been to a Vlade Divac basketball camp, I thought about going to a Jeremy Lin basketball camp just for the heck of it, I’ve seen flyers for a Luther Head basketball camp and I know a friend who has been to a Kenny Smith basketball camp.

And Kobe has one. It’s always fun watch professional players take on amateurs, and the best part of this clip is little White Mamba trying to force Kobe Bryant left. Here you are, with one of the top scorers in the game of basketball, and you try to remember what your coaches tell you and you force him left. Someone tell Jason Kidd that. Haha just kidding because Jason Kidd did a pretty good job on Kobe and the Mavericks swept the Lakers.

Michael Beasley – Stoner

This is an old picture of Michael Beasley showing off his new tattoo while showing off two suspicious baggies of I don’t know what.

Just when Beasley was starting to piece his NBA career together, putting up an empty 19-6-2 statline, he gets caught up with some illegal substance. But you can’t really blame him…. He has a long offseason ahead of him.

Paul Pierce – Poker Star

Paul Pierce the Poker Star. Paul Pierce is a professional basketball player, and is (was) a very good one at that. In his first try at the World Series of Poker, Pierce makes it through Day 1, and is sitting pretty good at 69th place in the chip count.

Yes that is our very own Paul Pierce. Pierce is rocking the hat and sunglasses which I always saw as kind of cheap, but honestly I don’t watch a lot of poker on TV so I wouldn’t know.

– Jordan

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