500 Days of Lockout


No flashy headlines, no cool pictures, no pointless new stories. Some sites (including team websites) redirect to the NBA home page, but the online NBA store is still functioning 100%. David $tern that greedy little man…

Hopefully it’s not 500 days. Normally I look forward to watching some Las Vegas Summer League games but that was canceled before we learned of the lockout. In the meantime, I will try and immerse myself into the NFL. Oh yea scratch that. Lots of hockey and baseball for me for the next year or so. Just kidding there’s always college sports, and there really is nothing wrong with college basketball. Some of the big names like Jared Sullinger, Harrison Barnes, and Perry Jones are all staying for another year, and the prodigal son Austin Rivers will arrive.

And I’m just putting this out there now. Anthony Davis is primed to be a bust in the NBA, or won’t even be looked at as an NBA prospect. Here is my little conspiracy theory. The NBA is a show. It is entertainment, and entertainment favors good looking people. Think about some recent busts. Adam Morrison is not a good looking man, and neither is Greg Oden.

Look at today’s biggest NBA names. I know plenty of girls that find Kobe Bryant and Dwyane Wade hot. LeBron James looked pretty sharp on GQ. I’ll put it out there and say Chris Paul and Dwight Howard are pretty good looking men. Derrick Rose and Kevin Durant aren’t the prettiest people, but you put them in well fitting suits and do a little Photoshop magic, and they can grace any magazine cover.

But my girlfriend picked up a copy of Slam for me at the airport…

I can’t stop looking at his eyebrows either.

– Jordan

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