NBA Players who have played lots of minutes but haven’t won a championship

First off, I am really happy for the veterans Jason Terry, Peja Stojakovic, Shawn Marion, and of course, Dirk Nowitzki and Jason Kidd.

So which active NBA players are left in that infamous Barkley/Ewing/Stockton/Malone club?

Here they are, sorted by minutes played in the NBA (I find that a better indicator than games played, but they should be pretty similar)

    1. Juwan Howard
    2. Steve Nash
    3. Vince Carter
    4. Andre Miller
    5. Antawn Jamison
    6. Mike Bibby
    7. Grant Hill
    8. Ra$hard Lewis
    9. Tracy McGrady
    10. Elton Brand
    11. Jerry Stackhouse
    12. Joe Johnson
    13. Baron Davis
    14. Marcus Camby
    15. Joe Smith
    16. Jason Richardson
    17. Kurt Thomas
    18. Al Harrington
    19. Richard Jefferson
    20. Shane Battier
    21. LeBron James
    22. Jermaine O’Neal
    23. Jamal Crawford
    24. Erick Dampier
    25. Hedo Turkoglu
    26. Mike Miller

I see a lot of current/former Phoenix Suns on this list, and I’ve listed them in italics. Steve Nash pops out to me as the best player career wise, but guys like LeBron and Wade will catch up eventually.

Who is with me on the Steve Nash championship bandwagon?

– Jordan

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2 Responses to NBA Players who have played lots of minutes but haven’t won a championship

  1. rukhshiixoxo89 says:

    I feel for Steve Nash. He deserves a ring before his retirement!

    Dont forget to check my blog on Lebron James

  2. smokerafer says:

    Yep, unfortunately for us fans who are rooting for him to get a ring, Steve appears to be sticking loyal to the Suns organization who aren’t anywhere near championship contender status…

    – Brian

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