Jinxing teams and feeling like an idiot

A couple posts ago I talked about how good the Spurs are.

They are now down 3-1 and everyone can feel the “Spurs are old” or “Spurs are done” comments on the horizon. Earlier in April, I started ‘calling’ that the Denver Nuggets would make the Western Conference Finals. Things don’t look good for either squad. The Nuggets were able to squeeze out a win and avoid elimination tonight, but they still have to do the (so far) impossible and win three more games. Spurs are looking kind of slow (not the literal slow) and squeezing out three wins against a deep and energetic Grizzlies squad may be a problem.

But it is time for me to show the world just how much basketball knowledge I have and in a week’s time when everything goes according to what I say, people will look at this post and marvel in the genius that is Jordan Leung.

But in this hard-to-impress world, there is nothing bold about making a bold statement with nothing at stake. So I suggest this…

Just kidding I am not going to shave my eyebrows. That was one of the stupidest things I have ever done. But I’ll put part of my pride on the line. The Nuggets and Spurs are going to come back and win their series. Or at least one of these teams will.

– Jordan

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