Thoughts from the first day of playoffs, but written halfway through the third day

Just a quick thought about each team’s performance through the first two days. I was able to watch most of the games. I haven’t been watching that much NBA basketball lately so there are a lot of things that I don’t really know about some of these teams… Or there are things that I thought I knew.

Tyler Hansbrough is a superstar in this league – 22 points against one of the top teams in the NBA? Sign me up. Tyler Hansbrough has that killer instinct that he boasted as a Tar Heel and his game converts perfectly in the pros. Trade Danny Granger for some draft picks so they can use ‘the Thunder Model’ of rebuilding, because Psycho T is the real deal.

Derrick Rose is a hopeless chucker – 9 missed three pointers? Sub-50% shooting? 21 free throw attempts? Thank god the refs like blowing that whistle so that the other team can blow their lead.

Andre Iguodala is the best defender in the NBA – If you haven’t already seen this chart…

Add Mike Miller to the list. Mike Miller was 0-3 from the field against Iguodala’s lock down defense.

Dwight Howard is the most overrated player in the NBA – People thought Kevin Love put up empty stats? Dwight’s 46-19 was great, but he threw the game away for the Magic with his 8 turnovers.

Jason Kidd is still the best point guard in the NBA – Coming up big when the team needs him the most. Jason Kidd can still ball and he was very efficient in Game 1.

Brandon Roy looks ready to play – Just kidding. I’ll turn the sarcasm off for a second. As a T-Mac and Yao fan, things like this just make me sad. If Brandon Roy works with Tim Grover or some other really good trainer for an offseason and gets some proper rest, I think he can return to about 70-80% of the player he once was.

Also a fun fact about Keith Bogans and the Bulls. Keith Bogans took one of the final roster spots on the Bulls and made the cut over Tracy McGrady. In the 05-06 season when Tracy McGrady went down for the rest of the season, the Rockets traded for Keith Bogans and Keith Bogans started in place of McGrady for the rest of the season. I guess there is nothing fun about this fact, but at least it’s a fact.

– Jordan

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