“If you don’t like that, you don’t like Kings basketball”

The Sacramento Kings were a team I admired early on in my NBA watching career. If I could be any NBA player I would want to be Chris Webber. Highly skilled, athletic, and as entertaining a player there ever was.

The reason I care is that this fall, I am taking my talents to UC Davis, and Davis is a 22 minute drive to ARCO Arena.

I am selfish in the way that I only want the Kings to stay in Sacramento because I want to be near an NBA city. But that’s kind of how Chris Webber feels too. I’m not someone who grew up with an NBA team, but I’m sure if I did, a team moving away from my city would be analogous to David Stern ripping off my left testicle.

Here’s another guy who has no impact on the Kings’ administrative decisions for the Kings to stay in Sacramento.

I’m going to Oregon tomorrow. The Blazers played their last game of the season in the Oracle Arena and got blown out… But they’re going to the playoffs and the Warriors are not.

I’ll probably hit up Nike even though I don’t care much for basketball shoes anymore. (They never make signatures shoes for my favorite players…) I might end up stopping by the Rose Garden or something. I never cared much for any Blazers except for this guy.

– Jordan

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