A week off facebook means a week of basketball

If you are my friend in real life you may or may not know that I am taking a week off facebook. A week off facebook probably means more time for school, family, basketball, and other cool creative things like taking photos, making cool graphics, or cooking. I guess I could read a book or something.

Enough about me. This year’s trade deadline did not disappoint with all these pretty cool deadline trades. I think the city of Indianapolis, me, OJ Mayo fans, and OJ Mayo are all kind of disappointed that he did not get dealt. I think OJ Mayo is one of those guys who can undergo a Dorell Wright-esque explosion if given the opportunity, and OJ Mayo was never bad to begin with.

In other news the Deron Williams trade brings great pleasure to Brian and I like the trade too. If I was my ex-girlfriend I would also be excited too because the Nets and Raptors are about to play a regular season game in England, and Deron Williams is a great player and watching Deron Williams play sure beats watching Leandro Barbosa play.

So the other day there was a not that anticipated match up of the Heat and the Knicks. Now that was a good basketball game. I turned on the TV (or rather the ATDHE) and BAM the Knicks go on a 16-0 run, capped off by a Bill Walker buzzer beater. And I just want to point out that Carmelo Anthony is a much more capable scorer than Kevin Durant. Sure the ‘Durantula’ may have more range, but with greater range comes less accuracy.

But yeah Chauncey Billups came up big in the final minutes and as soon as Chauncey hit that 3 I went and bought a Chauncey Billups Detroit Jersey (I got it for $35 which is pretty good for a Swingman).

Of course Amar’e Stoudemire of all people would swat LeBron’s potential gamewinner away and the Knicks escape with a victory. Just a great basketball game and maybe a preview of all the great things that are going to happen in the Eastern Conference playoffs this year.

Regarding the Knicks, this kind of brings up an interesting point about their plans this offseason. I think the original plan was to bring in Chris Paul which isn’t a bad idea at all, but Chauncey Billups is a great point guard to have next to superstars. Plays defense, good leadership, and can take pressure off the stars in the 4th quarter.

If I were the Knicks I would just sell my soul to Dwight Howard and make the whole city of New York pray for Dwight Howard to come to New York. Dwight and Amare would be the deadliest twin tower combination since Tyson Chandler and Eddy Curry (ha). Throw in Landry Fields, the ultimate glue guy, and the Knicks have a much more well-rounded starting unit than the Miami Heat. That’s right. The Heatles aren’t as good as… Knick Floyd? :S

But getting Dwight Howard is no easy feat and I don’t think it is easy to flip Chauncey Billups for a big man because Chauncey is one of those players who are only valuable to contenders, and contenders usually don’t like to help out other contenders. I guess this one of those things that will just play out on its own. There are no big man threats in the playoffs except for Dwight Howard, so in typical D’Antoni fashion, the Knicks might be able to get away with plugging in a pretty good rebounding forward and run with Stoudemire at the 5 long term, a la Shawn Marion in D’Antoni’s Phoenix days.

Maybe it wasn’t that bad of a trade for the Knicks after all. It’s interesting that all the LeBron James runner ups are doing pretty well. The Bulls are doing great with a strong MVP contender in Derrick Rose, Knicks got Melo and Stoudemire, the Clippers have the emergence of the league’s next bright star, and the Mavericks are having a really good season.

Oh I forgot about Cleveland.

– Jordan

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