The post-dunk contest rant

Because everyone has their own take on the dunk contest.

The first round was  impressive. Here are my favorite dunks of the dunk contest (in order of appearance)

Serge Ibaka’s free throw line dunk

He actually takes off behind the free throw line. While it’s impressive for a big man to pull this out, you have to remember that a bigger person equates to a bigger wingspan. Still a great dunk because he executes this tried and true dunk perfectly. I don’t get the whole NBA Africa stuff though.

Javale McGee’s double dunk

I was tricked just like everyone when Chris Webber said he would pay homage. I thought Javale was going to dunk on a 13 feet hoop or something but when I saw two hoops and two balls, I thought he was going to do some type of Jesus dunk. This is another impressive dunk. They alley oop off the backboard also made the dunk a lot harder than it was but it didn’t add too much visually. Just imagine trying to catch all the balls in mid air and then trying to dunk them.

Blake Griffins’ dunk in the first round just looked sweet. DeRozan’s was kinda bleh.

In the second round of dunks, Serge Ibaka’s dunk was just plain stupid and the only good thing about it was when Charles Barkley says “He’s a cute kid but that’s a bad haircut,” and yea, if you could choose to not miss a dunk, it would be this one because putting the damn toy back up on the hoop again was just… stupid.

The other great moment was right before Javale’s second dunk when his mom comes out and does her little parade and kisses all the judges. But I feel for McGee. I hate it when my mom comes out and embarrasses me at dunk contests 😦

Next in line…

Blake Griffin’s off backboard alley oop honey dip

This was a beauty. Well worth the bruise.

Javale McGee’s cradle-y reverse no look dunk

Or whatever it should be called. I really like this dunk because it was kind of a no look dunk. Whatever.

And that’s all for dunks that I liked. When I saw the car roll out for Blake Griffin, I was really scared that he would trip over the car and die by smashing his head on the floor or on the backboard or split his head open on the rim.

Of course the car dunk would have been a lot better if Blake jumped over the middle section of the car. He jumped over the lowest part of the car. It’s impressive, but it looks stupid. If they got a convertible then it would have looked better even though it’s essentially the same dunk.

But a well deserved dunk contest win for Blake Griffin. McGee’s last dunk was essentially a less impressive version of Griffin’s honey dip and that’s what lost it for him. When Blake Griffin puts on a giant Broadway show with choirs and cars on his last dunk, it’s hard to top that unless he does a 720.

All-Star Game tomorrow, the most overrated basketball game ever.

– Jordan

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