Just before the All-Star Break

I’d just like to congratulate both Ray Allen and the Cleveland Cavaliers for breaking NBA records. I’d just like to emphasize how great Ray Allen’s 3 was. In case you missed it, here’s the game footage.

It’s a good way to break a record. Ray Allen on the break, catches it on the wing and shoots the 3 in transition. You knew that one was going in. The whole Garden stands, Reggie Miller is in attendance. Wow.

Only thing I’m nitpicky about is that Celtics lost the game and right after Ray Allen hits a 3 to make NBA history, Kobe tries to score on him. I have grown to respect Kobe a lot as a basketball player but that was one play that he could have laid off.

The Cavaliers also break an NBA record with a 26 game losing streak. They would snap it against the Clippers (of course it’s the Clippers), they lose some more games and then they beat the Lakers!

I actually do not understand how you can lose to the NBA Champions by 55 points and then beat them by 5 while breaking an NBA losing record in between those games.

Just another “fuck you LeBron,” from the basketball gods I guess.

So the All-Star Break is coming up. Among above .500 teams, the Lakers and the Hornets are not doing so hot heading into the break, and the Jazz have not won a game since Sloan’s departure. Phoenix and Golden State have been winning more games recently and at this point in the season, the playoffs are not out of question especially if a Carmelo trade goes down.

My favorite part of the All-Star Weekend has always been the celebrity game, the Shooting Stars Challenge/Contest/Competition, and the 3 point shootout. The dunk contest has been a let down recently and the All-Star Game used to be something I cared about a lot but all I really care about is the All-Star Game selections.

So not a lot of expectations for the All-Star weekend. I don’t want to be disappointed by Blake Griffin a la Shannon Brown last year. The Celebrity game has a lot of NBA Legends and there are actually a lot of people that I know playing this year including Chuck from Chuck and Phil Dunphy from Modern Family!!

My one wish that would complete this All-Star weekend is for Scottie Pippen to dunk on Justin Bieber.

– Jordan

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