LeBron drops 51, and NBA records.

After the Heat lost 3 of their 4 games (the sole win coming against the Raptors), the Heat have put together a little win streak. Looks like karma is warning LeBron not to fuck around and say stupid shit and karma has let LeBron off the hook because guys like Dwyane Wade are completely innocent.

LeBron had 51 points and 11 rebounds last night and was 2 assists shy of a triple double (so if you failed math that is 8 assists). This is the best individual performance by any player in the NBA this season (Kevin Love’s 30-30 game deserves an honorable mention).

Anyway yesterday was a great day of basketball. I didn’t watch the Heat/Magic game but I caught the 4th quarters of the Warriors/Bucks match up and the great ending to the Spurs/Lakers game.

Few things I want to say before I talk about NBA records… Monta Ellis is NOT an All-Star this season. I know he actually wasn’t selected but as a fan of Ellis he isn’t really an All-Star Snub. Even LaMarcus Aldridge, a premier example of the new generation of pussy power forwards, is a bigger snub than Ellis was. I’ll talk more about the All-Star selections in a later post. I haven’t really had a chance to see who got selected but it seems like the coaches didn’t do that great of a job this year.

Anyway breaking NBA records is pretty fun and we have two records that are really close to being broken. The first record is Reggie Miller’s career 3 pointers made. As of today, Ray Allen is only 8 3 pointers short of holding this title. (FYI, Reggie Miller has made 2560 career 3 pointers.) In 3rd place of this career 3 pointers made we have Jason Kidd who currently has 1740 career 3 pointers.


The other, more dubious record is the Cavaliers losing streak. According to my good friend Wikipedia, the NBA’s longest losing streak is held by… the Cavaliers and it stands at 24 consecutive L’s. This streak is a bit cheap because it is from 2 seasons combined.

The longest single season losing streak is 23 losses long, is held in a tie between the 1995-1996 Vancouver Grizzlies, a team led by the likes of ESPN Analyst Greg Anthony, Blue Edwards (who?) and Bryant “Big Country” Reeves, and the 1997-1998 Denver Nuggets, led by LaPhonso Ellis and Johnny Newman, two names that don’t ring any bells in my head.

The Cleveland LeBron-less Cavaliers streak stands at 22 straight losses, and with another loss, the Cavaliers will reach an elite level of NBA ridicule. With their next 2 games against 2 of the NBA’s 29 other teams, the Cavaliers have this record on look. It doesn’t matter if they’re playing the Spurs and Lakers, or the Timberwolves and the Nets. The Cavaliers are going to break an NBA record.

And (no offense to Mo Williams, Shaquille O’Neal, or Anderson Varejao) this giant turnaround is all because of one man saying one sentence in his purple gingham shirt. Wow.

Anyway I thought this was pretty funny. I found it on the Cavs website.

If you picked all losses you should be in pretty good shape to get some Cavs tickets. I think this promotion is pretty demoralizing, but that might just be me. I’d like to give props to the real Cavalier fans who are sticking through with the team… because man, that team blows.

– Jordan

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