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Yea, uh huh, you know what it is…

Black and ginger black and ginger black and ginger… Blake Griffin’s unofficial nickname is now Black Ginger – Jordan Advertisements

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Top 10 Scrubs of the NBA

We watch the NBA for its star players, for their signature moves and highlight reel plays. We love to see Kobe’s underbite and Lebron’s powder toss. They are the ones on posters and billboards around the world, they are the … Continue reading

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My All-Star Picks and the All-Star system needs a change

I used to care about the All-Star returns but lately I realized that it was really stupid. I don’t know what the results are right now but here are my picks for the 2011 All-Star Game In the West Guards … Continue reading

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A photo essay by a 12th grade high school student.

January 11th, the Los Angeles Lakers blow the Cleveland Cavaliers out the water.   Later that night, ex-Cavalier gets twitty on his twitter.   LeBron and Co. fly in to Los Angeles to play the 11-24 Clippers.   Karma’s a … Continue reading

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