The Spurs and the Heat

First of all it actually pisses me off that I have to update that little Miami Heat loss thing so often. It’s not even December and the Heat are 8-7?

But what I came here to discuss are the San Antonio Spurs.

After the Spurs won the title in 2005, every year has kind of been the same

2005-2006 – “Spurs are old” – 63-19 record, lost in that Game 7 against the Mavericks.
2006-2007 – “Spurs are too old otherwise see they lost to the Mavericks” – 58-24 record, NBA Champions.
2007-2008 – “Ok fine Spurs are pretty good but they are old see Tim Duncan isn’t even Finals MVP) – 56-26 record, lost in WCF against the Lakers.
2008-2009 – “Told you the Spurs are old that was their last year” – 54-28 record, first round exit against Dallas Mavericks.
2009-2010 – “SEE!!! The Spurs are DONE!” – 50-32 record, “upset” Mavericks in first round, lost in second round against the Suns.
2010-2011 – “That was probably their last good year” – As of November 26th, Pacific Time, the Spurs lead the NBA with a 13-1 record.

So for their 6th year, the Spurs are going out there and proving the doubters wrong. In such a competitive Western Conference (and playing in what has been traditionally one of the toughest divisions in the league), posting that many 50+ win seasons is impressive, and the core and integrity of that team has been similar year to year. The aging center-in-denial Tim Duncan, Manu Ginobili, the guard from Argentina (which means he isn’t European) who was drafted with the 57th pick, and the dreamy Tony Parker who just broke up with Eva Longoria (does this mean that Eva Longoria doesn’t go to Spurs games anymore?) throw in some savvy veterans and two scrubs to man the 5 spot and you have a contender. But how do the Spurs do it and why do the Lakers have to scam the Grizzlies (oh but Kwame Brown was expiring blah blah blah) to build a contender? The answer is simple.

Defense wins championships.

And the key to getting girls is to “be confident” and “be yourself.”

But in all seriousness, the Spurs just play good solid basketball year in and year out. The Spurs are not boring (oh look Steve Nash just did a behind-the-back pass! That just made the game a lot better), the key is just consistency and I guess the biggest blessing in disguise in sports history. When the Spurs play the Heat this season I’m predicting an easy rout of the Heat and a lot of Matt Bonner playing time. Is it too early to call a Spurs championship in 2011? Yea probably. My pick is still the Lakers.

– Jordan

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