Chris Bosh needs to grow some testicles


“I don’t care about numbers. The only number I care about is winning.”

Well you can’t win if you don’t rebound the ball, can you? Oh Christopher, the argument would stand if your team was steamrolling all other teams and you were contributing to the game outside of the boxscore. But when you play 33 minutes and grab just a single rebound in that time, while getting dominated by freaking Emeka Okafor, and have your supposedly unbeatable team beaten, there is something wrong with what you’re doing. You also recorded another one rebound game against the Nets, that sported the frontline of fellow softy Brook Lopez and rookie Derrick Favors. When you can’t impose your game on the Nets frontcourt, you have a problem. Fuck outta here with the “don’t care about numbers” crap, it’s a lame cop-out.

On opening night I found it very amusing to see Garnett and Bosh matched up against each other. Two very similar players, with the same frame, athleticism, skill and versatility but straight-up polar opposites in terms of mindset. You don’t see the desire of KG in Bosh – so far he’s looked like a defenseless lost puppy out there. You won’t ever catch KG saying shit like that when his team isn’t doing well either. No. He’d take responsibility for his bad play. Granted, the Heat aren’t exactly playing terribly but it’s clear that they aren’t even scratching the surface of what they could be.

Garnett bullying Bosh:

I remember thinking during the off-season, how deadly the Lebron – Bosh pick and roll/pop would be… How even Ben Wallace in his prime would tremble at the thought. But for some reason Chris Bosh still hasn’t been able to find a role on this team. I do acknowledge that he’s started to pick up his game a little bit and that I only have a very small sample size of games to comment on. But damn the guy averaged 20 – 10 double doubles for the past five seasons and now he has people wondering whether he’ll average double digits in scoring!

I’m sure Bosh will find his niche with the team and start playing much better at some point this season (definitely after the all-star break) but what has already gone down so far this season has spoken volumes about Chris Bosh’s mentality as a player and the outlook of his career…

And it’s not great.

– Brian

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  1. Kaylana says:

    You can always tell an expert! Thanks for contriubntig.

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