Giants Parade

Yes that is Tim Lincecum. I went to the Giants parade today and it was nothing short of amazing. There was a sea of people dressed in black and orange, people climbing up trees and bus stops to get a better view of the paraders, the smell of marijuana was invading my nostrils, orange vuvuzelas were blasting occasionally and there were constant chants of  “U-Ribe” and “Let’s Go Giants.”

And why not? The Giants had the 8th longest drought in the MLB’s rich history, and their last championship wasn’t even in San Francisco. And in a place as great as the San Francisco-Bay Area, the last sports title (in a relevant sport) was when the San Francisco 49ers won the Superbowl in 1994. Winning is not a tradition when you compare San Francisco to other big market cities such as New York and Los Angeles. Even if you add other cities in the Bay Area, those championship numbers don’t quite match up.

In case you didn’t know, I am not a baseball fan and if you asked me this summer, I would have told you that baseball was boring. But for some reason, as soon as I found out that the Giants were in the MLB Playoffs, I started tuning in and I found myself watching every game of the Giants’ magical run. There was just something about this team and this sport that reached out to me the way that the San Jose Sharks never did. The Giants kept on winning and winning and now… the World Series.

But yea. I admit it. I’m a bandwagon fan. There are hundreds of people at school that deserved getting excused from school to go to the Giants parade over me, but I didn’t want this to be something that I would regret in ten years if I became a “true” Giants fan. But every fan of a sports team has to start somewhere, and I guess watching the Giants win the World Series and going to a monumental championship parade is not a bad place to start.

– Jordan

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