Halloween Ideas for the NBA Fan

By Team

Atlanta Hawks

None because the Hawks aren’t funny. I guess if you’re really short you can rock a Mike Bibby Jersey.

Boston Celtics

I didn’t make this picture. But I wish I did.

Or if you have some really good friends to carry you around in a Paul Pierce jersey.

Charlotte Bobcats

I had an Adam Morrison jersey shirt then I wore a sportcoat over. People thought I was wearing orange for the Giants and that I got it confused but they had it all confused. At least 3 people on campus understood the joke.

Chicago Bulls

Joakim Noah is a great Halloween costume. There’s also the classic Kyle Korver/Ashton Kutcher.

Cleveland Cavaliers

Pour lighter fluid on yourself then light yourself on fire.

Dallas Mavericks


Denver Nuggets

I might actually do this next year.

Detroit Pistons

It only takes about 2 months for eyebrows to grow back after you shave them.

Golden State Warriors

Moped riders are encouraged to wear them Monta Ellis jerseys while riding and trick or treating (is this my last year to trick or treat? Is 18 too old for trick or treating?)

If a moped is too much you can always just get a Golden State Warriors hoodie and call it a day.

Houston Rockets

Wear a Yao Ming jersey and go to a Halloween party… just don’t go over 24 minutes.

Indiana Pacers

The Pacers aren’t funny. Neither is this list.

Los Angeles Clippers

Giant Leg Brace with your new Blake Griffin Jersey.

Los Angeles Lakers

My good buddy Sam.

Memphis Grizzlies

This one takes some teamwork. You need someone with a DeMarcus Cousins jersey,a  Kevin Love jersey, a Robert Swift jersey, and a Luther Head jersey. Get your friends together, and stand in a line.

Gay Cousins Love Swift Head

Sooo mature.

Miami Heat

Get two other friends and wear the Heat jerseys together and trick or treat in Cleveland.

Milwaukee Bucks

Minnesota Timberwolves

Just go enjoy Halloween. It’s not like your season is going to be any fun.

New Jersey Nets

Go buy $100 worth of lottery tickets. Did you win? No.

New Orleans Hornets

You guys should cry because your roster sucks.

New York Knicks

Get your inner Spike Lee on. It’s cool to be a Knicks fan again.

Oklahoma City Thunder

Thunder has no history.

Orlando Magic

For the unoriginal people, you can always do the Dwight Howard Superman look. Unfortunately I am not that original so that is what I would suggest. Or, you can dress up a Rashard Lewis and throw money around because you are one of the most overpaid guys in the NBA.

Philadelphia 76ers

If the Sixers kept Dionte Christmas back then they could have a Christmas Holiday backcourt.

Phoenix Suns

Cry. Although If you have a twin brother it would be fun to go as the Lopez twins.

Portland Trail Blazers


Sacramento Kings

I don’t know

San Antonio Spurs

Spurs are boring.

Toronto Raptors

Raptors suck.

Utah Jazz

Utah isn’t a city.

Washington Wizards

Wear a Gilbert Arenas jersey and strap as many guns to you as possible.

The idea of writing this post sounded a lot better in my head.

– Jordan

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