Live Blog – Heat VS Pistons

The first game (I know it’s pre-season but still)

Carlos Arroyo and Joel Anthony are starting alnngside the big 3.

I still find it ridiculous that this is a real NBA team.

More blogging as the game progresses. I know all 3 of the guys will probably get taken out by the end of the first half.

Man first heat possession. LeBron just ran up and tried to throw it up. Dwyane tried the putback but missed.

Second possession was a 24 second violation…

Richard Hamilton becomes the first player to ever score against the Heat big 3. That’s what being interviewed by us does to you.

…and Hamilton scores again.

LeBron powers his way in and Dwyane Wade is just standing on the side watching.

Pistons are holding their own against the Heat. It might take a while for this team to gel.

I hope they keep the Heat 3 in a little longer. They took Wade out. Heat look very awkward on defense with the role players having to chase open shooters. LeBron is centering the offense around himself too much.

Random Tracy McGrady interview. I love you Mac, but you”re not the story of tonight.

LeBron scores on another tough drive… Team basketball?

Man LeBron that was so fast.

Chris Bosh is getting ignored on offense. Tracy looks determined and it seems like he has something to prove against LeBron.

Sweet pass from LeBron to Bosh. Poor Greg Monroe plays his first game against this type of competition.

Feels like I’m watching a Cavs game. Too much LeBron.

Wade strained his right hamstring. What an awkward opener.

LeBron brings the house down!!!

I wish more washed up veterans joined the Miami Heat. Tracy McGrady would be a great guy off the bench for the Heat.

Miami second unit is playing well. Dexter Pittman is getting in there. I think this game is about to get really boring.

Starting to pay less and less attention to the game right now. Guys like Hamilton and Prince can still play.

Ok so there is totally a better way to do liveblogging. I’ll do that for the next game I cover.

I’ll probably call it a day. Not much more to be said and Heat don’t really have anyone interesting outside of the Big 3.

– Jordan

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One Response to Live Blog – Heat VS Pistons

  1. max says:

    you’re sleeping on my boy westbrook

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