Carmelo is a Net




Only playin’.

But talks have heated up and right now it looks like the Melo Man will be donning the navy, red and white next season. As a Net fan I am oh so torn about this trade; on the one hand, getting Anthony will instantly get us to the playoffs and make it fun to follow the Nets again but on the other hand I want to see how Favors develops, as he’s already made huge strides since summer league.

Us Nets fans have acquired something over the years that Spurs fans and Lakers fans will never understand. After 2 seasons of mediocrity, of losing in the playoffs with our frustratingly average roster and another 2 seasons of complete and utter suckage, while almost achieving the worst record in the history of the NBA in one of them… only to finally lose out on who would have most certainly been the franchise’s savior in John Wall. Those who have stuck around have to be some of the most patient people in the world. We have come to understand and appreciate the concept of re-building a team (a la OKC Thunder).

Part of me wants my team to lay low, stock up our prospects and grow organically until the Miami Heat self-implode (trust me, they will). Hell, I’ve waited 4 years, what’s 2 more years if it means that we don’t rush into things and deplete our roster for a player who gets us stuck in mediocrity for a lot longer (because let’s face it, Carmelo Anthony isn’t a franchise player).

Melo has made it clear that he’s going to leave Denver and that the Nets were one of his favorites. There’s no reason why we should give up two important pieces (Favors and Harris) and two 1st rounders for a player who could very well join the team next season anyway. This way we have a year to grow and mesh and hopefully impress Melo. It would suck if he ends up choosing someone else but it wouldn’t be the end of the world, we would simply carry on building on top of the solid foundation that we already have.

But acquiring Carmelo Anthony would instantly make us more attractive to other players like say, Chris Paul…

I actually just salivated at the thought of CP3 and the Melo Man on the perimeter with Brook Lopez anchoring the paint.

Fuck it, I’m going to have to ponder about this a little while longer…

– Brian

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3 Responses to Carmelo is a Net

  1. k boy says:

    I agree with you and I’m on the Nets-shouldn’t-trade-for-Melo side. New Jersey was making lots of small baby steps and trading away all of that for Melo would be counterintuitive.

  2. c.simon says:

    hahahhahahaha, y’all actin like any of this shit matter but it dont cuz Kobe just gon deliver with that 3peat next season. ya’ll already know wat it is!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    fuk outta here niggas!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. smokerafer says:

    @ k boy,

    I’ve kind of had a change of heart about this. The Thunder were more than anything else, lucky that they’re in the situation they are now. I think we’ve got to start somewhere and acquiring Melo will make building a competitive team that much easier in terms of players’ development and the free agency.

    Who knows, come February we might have CP3 up in here too… This is the “Ray Allen trade” fellas!

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