Smoke Rafer interviews Richard Hamilton

Richard Hamilton is in Hong Kong right now and a good friend of Smoke Rafer’s, Kevin Yuen, has managed to land an opportunity to interview him. What’s more, he has agreed to do his interview as a Smoke Rafer exclusive! We have supplied him with a couple of questions that we think basketball fans out there would really like to know…

K: 09-10 season wasn’t exactly your best year, needless to say – with all the injuries and changes with the team… what have you done this summer in regards to your health to make sure that you’re ready for the upcoming season?

RH: Worked on my strength and just getting back in shape, I think that is the key to coming back strong.

K: What do you think of the Pistons’ roster? On paper it seems like you guys have a few logjams on the perimeter and gaping holes in the middle, how do you see this team working out once the season starts?

RH: I think we gotta make sure our chemistry is good – we got a lot of great players on the team. We gotta come together as one, if we all play together all on the same page, the Pistons have a good shot.

K: The T-Mac signing. He’s repeatedly stated that money is not a concern for him, it’s clear he just wants to play basketball. I quote, “I’m just ready to play baskeball. Seriously. That’s what I wake up thinking about. That’s what I love to do.” How big of an addition is a guy like T-Mac, who is not only a great scorer but also an excellent facilitator? And how do you see him meshing with the team?

RH: I think it’ll help us, I think any time you have a player as great as he is – he can help us.

K: The Pistons drafted Greg Monroe this year, with your front-line as thin as it is, what kind of expectations do you and the team have for the rookie?

RH: I have a lot of high expectations for him, I expect him to come in and be ready to play right away. You know a lot of rookies gotta be on the bench and wait, but this time I think he’s gotta be able to play right away.

K: Reggie Miller, Ray Allen, you. You guys give (or gave) defenders nightmares moving without the ball. Which up-and-coming player reminds you the most of yourself?

RH: Kevin Martin of the Rockets, I think he’s going to surprise a lot of people this season.

K: Finally, I’m sure a lot of Pistons fans out there are wondering this, do you plan on retiring as a Piston?

RH: Oh man, it’s been so long since I’ve been a free agent. So I never really had time to think about it.

– Brian

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