One small step for Lin, one giant leap for… Asian-American Basketball Players

I’ve been following this guy’s story for a while, and it’s all just starting to sink in. I still get that same feeling of disbelief every time I see it or hear about it. A reaction that matches the disbelief when I found out about Miami’s new Big 3. But these feelings are different– it’s a combination of happiness, surprise, and inspiration. This really is a dream come true. Jeremy Lin signed an NBA contract with his hometown team, the Golden State Warriors.

If you still don’t know the story of Jeremy Lin, you’re an idiot. He’s an Asian-American basketball player who played high school basketball where I live. He lead Palo Alto High School to a state championship or something of that magnitude, and he later went on to play college basketball at Harvard after receiving no serious interest from major schools. He gained more national attention after dominating a game against the then-nationally ranked UCONN. After his senior year, he declared for the NBA draft, but his name wasn’t one of the 60 names called out that night.

After going undrafted, the Dallas Mavericks were the only team (don’t quote me on this) to offer him a spot on their summer league team. Jeremy played well and showed that he could keep up with other NBA guards, and he had a pretty good performance against number one draft pick JOHN WALL.

So after proving himself as a legitimate NBA talent, Lin starts getting interest from the Mavs and the Lakers who want him on the squad. One thing lead to another and now he’s signing with his hometown team, the Golden State Warriors.

I think it’s natural to get excited when someone that played high school basketball in your city is going to play in the NBA. But Jeremy represents more than that. He represents the Asian-American in me and the Asian-American in all… Asian-Americans. He represents the Asian-American who gets their basketball dreams shot down because even college basketball never seemed like a realistic option. But here he is, so many years later. An Asian-American suiting up for an NBA team. I can say some other random stuff about how he inspires me and motivates me, but I think we get the point. It still seems so unreal as I watch his interview on Jeremy Lin is now an NBA player. The same Jeremy Lin that has been doubted way too many times in his basketball career. I’d just like to send one big congratulations to Jeremy. Make the most of your opportunity in the NBA. We’re all rooting for you.

– Jordan

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2 Responses to One small step for Lin, one giant leap for… Asian-American Basketball Players

  1. PJ says:

    well said jordan, well said. i’m excited to see how Jeremy plays with the big boys in the big stadium

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