The LeBron Decision revealed!! (Press photos leaked)

Turns out those close to LeBron aren’t that good at keeping their mouth shut, and the whole Thursday national television special will be pointless. It seems like Wade, Bosh, Stoudemire, Jay-Z or whoever didn’t have any influence on his decision. Sources close to LeBron James say he will be playing basketball in Los Angeles, and a leaked press photo of LeBron and his new teammates seem to suggest that this claim is true…  But which LA team? He’s not playing with Kobe, and he’s not playing with that pathetic Clipper team. He will be playing with…

The Los Angeles Sparks.

LeBron James will be paired with teammate Anthony Parker’s sister as he tries to become the first NBA player to win a WNBA championship. James said that this was “the best option I had not only for me, but for my mother,”

Delonte West was not available to be interviewed.

But I’m glad all that hype has finally died down. Here’s the leaked press photo.

– Jordan

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