Lazy Offseason

In a couple of days, free agency and cool trades could be making the league super amazing.

But until then… The biggest news will just be random stupid rumors.

So I’m just going to go through some of last year’s contenders and see some holes that they need to fill this offseason. Of course this analysis will be completely useless in a couple of days when teams start trading and stuff. Also a good majority of this is just restating the obvious… But it is offseason!

For Lakers, bringing back the same team would still keep them in top contention. Bynum might get a little better before getting injured again. We could see some more development from Farmar or Brown but I think the better option would just be to upgrade the Point Guard position. If Phil Jackson leaves the Lakers I don’t see Fisher starting anymore, and I think the Point Guard position is one of the deeper ones in the league, so Lakers could try and pick up a Point Guard somewhere.

Celtics had every chance to win that championship. Rasheed Wallace is retiring, so they’ll need to bring in a 3rd 7 footer. Brad Miller is a good fit for the Celtics and a good fit for Rondo, but the Celtics already knew that and they’re trying to get Brad Miller. I know the Big 3 exists but the Celtics need to start building for the future otherwise they’ll be like the Miami Heat. Most of the guys in the Celtics rotation are fine role players but they need a versatile scorer for when the Big 3 leave or retire. I don’t find anything wrong with the team as it is set up now, but they need to start building for the future now. Also I think it would be cool if Garnett decides to end his career as a Timberwolve (timberwolf?), but that’s not really related.

The Orlando Magic are a funny team. Like what everyone and their moms have said – you live and die by the 3. What the Magic need is either for Dwight Howard to expand his low post game, or bring in a Power Forward that can score next to him. Someone that you can trust to play about 20 minutes a night for you or play more depending on the match up.

And before you bitch on me about Dwight Howard’s efficiency, here is a simple way to sum up the difference between Dwight Howard and that man called Shaquille O’Neal (when he was the same age as Dwight)

Efficiency? Go fuck your mom. Dwight Howard can be more efficient than a Prius but at the end of the day efficiency only gets you so far. It does not matter if Dwight Howard shoots 70% from the field because if he can’t become a true low post threat that can perform at an absolutely high level, he shouldn’t deserve the title of being the best big man of the league.

Anyway your mom sucks and the NBA is really boring during the offseason. Peace.

– Jordan

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