Stupid NBA Players

Today I’m going to discuss 2 very stupid NBA players. First stupid player is Chris Bosh.

Chris Bosh thinks he is a franchise player and teams should want him so that they can build around him. First thing that Chris Bosh has to understand… He is a SECOND BANANA. Not a first banana… a very good SECOND BANANA

What’s the difference between Chris Bosh and Pau Gasol?

One has a longer neck

What’s similar between Chris Bosh and Pau Gasol?

They’re both SECOND BANANAS!

I’m not saying that Bosh can’t be the main guy for a team… because he can. It’s just Chris Bosh will never win a championship as the best guy on the team. I’m not even going to add any “mark my words” because I think it is that clear.

And the next stupid NBA player… Eddy Curry. What the fuck are you thinking? Why are you on LeBron’s nuts? When I read that article about James, Wade, Bosh and (Joe) Johnson meeting up, I thought to myself “what the fuck is Joe Johnson doing in there” and when I read about how the EDDY Curry and LeBron were linked, I almost cried.

LeBron has nothing to do with Eddy Curry. Eddy is the second coming of Shaq with his size and athleticism. He is a dominant force that commands triple teams even when he is on the bench.

Just look at this

(You guys still remember Smush Parker?)

– Jordan

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3 Responses to Stupid NBA Players

  1. Banana says:

    this makes no sense and is silly

  2. Anonymous says:

    eddy currys fat like shaq too

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