The Ultimate NBA Finals Drinking Game

This is a tiered list. How much you want to drink for each tier depends on you, except for Tier 4. This is a somewhat compiled list with a few things that I found are worth drinking to and some original stuff from myself.

Tier 1

Lakers Fans
Derek Fisher misses a shot
Ron Artest misses a shot
Andrew Bynum misses a shot
Everytime you see Jack Nicholson

Celtics Fans
Rondo misses a jumpshot
When someone calls Rondo a quarterback
When someone says the Celtics are now a Big 4
Kevin Garnett Chest Thump

LeBron James is mentioned
Kobe Bryant and Michael Jordan is in the same sentence
You see a celebrity not named Jack Nicholson
You hear ‘Beat LA’

Tier 2

Lakers Fans
Rondo makes a jumpshot
Phil Jackson runs onto the court
Ron Artest fouls

Celtics Fans
Ron Artest makes a shot
Ray Allen misses a free throw
Doc Rivers runs onto the court
You see Ray Allen’s Mom
Rondo gets blocked

Camera zooms into Kobe looking pissed off after a foul call
Camera zooms into Derek Fisher during crunchtime
Someone talks about the Lakers/Celtics Rivalry

Tier 3

Lakers Fans
Sasha Vujacic takes a shot that isn’t a 3 pointer
Kobe gets blocked

Celtics Fans
Kevin Garnett dunks
Rasheed Wallace makes a 3

Rasheed Wallace Technical

Tier 4 – Take 3 shots in a row

Lakers Fans
Adam Morrison checks into the game

Celtics Fans
Brian Scalabrine checks into the game

Have fun and drink responsibly.

– Jordan

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