All-NBA Sexy Names Team (2nd Edition)

My turn!

I can’t imagine how Channing Frye would sound hot to anyone… I assure you readers that this edition will have much better visuals than four dudes + Sasha Vujacic.

Team Brian

PG: Lindsey Hunter
SG: Sun Yue
SF: Shannon Brown
PF: Rob[y]n Lopez
C: Alexis Ajinca

Point Guard – Ah, Lindsey Hunter. The perennial all-star of the Lindsey Hunter All-Stars. This is just one of those names that has to sound hot to everyone. Hunter just adds that sense of fun and adventure to an already sexy-sounding name.

Lindsay Lohan in her “prime” in a Tomb-Raider outfit is what I see in my mind’s eye when I hear this awesome name.

But alas…

Shooting Guard – You Lost-watchers out there will know what I mean when I say that Sun-Hwa Kwon is HOT.

So, Sun Yue? A slutty hot cousin with whom she has a weird lesbian energy?

Sun Yue is the one on the right by the way.

Small Forward – Shannon Brown (yeah Sun Yue’s taller but he has the build of a stick-insect and would get eaten alive by 99% of the forwards in the NBA). It doesn’t exactly sound exotic, but it’s a solid hot-girl name. Shannon has black/dark brown hair and big hazel eyes. She’s your typical American girl who’s more cute than she is sexy. She has a rather forward personality which in some strange way highlights her attractiveness – you can’t put your finger on it, but it does.

Bad picture time (Or good picture depending on what you like – Smoke Rafer’s target audience is anyone and everyone!):

Power Forward – Rob[y]n Lopez, one word: Twins.

I’m just going to leave this one as it is, it’s getting too depressing. If you decide that you need the visuals for the actual Lopez twins, here.

Center – Finally we have Alexis Ajinca. Do yourself a favour and go type in “Alexis” into Google Images and feast your eyes, just not the one of Tiger Woods on the first page. Case and point.

Alexis is probably one of the hottest names I’ve ever heard of in my life. Why it has to be the name of a 7’1″, 260 pound French guy? I have no idea.


– Brian

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