With Glen Davis calling in sick with an elbow from Superman himself, we may actually get to see a Will Ferrell Brian Scalabrine sighting on Friday!

In all seriousness though, I do enjoy watching Scalabrine play. He’s fearless on defense and smart on offense – he knows his limits unlike the other ginger of the NBA…

You can be sure that Brian Scalabrine will put in 110% effort when he’s on the floor. If he does indeed end up getting PT on Friday, look for him to have a big impact on the defensive end. Ever since they switched to Rashard at the 3, he has been absolutely abusing Pierce in the post, I’d like to see Doc Rivers use Scalabrine in brief stints to try and disrupt his rhythm.

Sippers of haterade out there might be wondering “what the fuck is so special about this pear-shaped man?” The truth is every team needs that goon who does all the dirty work and wreaks havoc on the court. The Mavericks have Najera, Lakers have Artest, Magic has Barnes. Scalabrine can be that guy for the Celtics. The fans’ beloved 6’9″ leprechaun can get the Celtics those extra loose balls and defensive stops. Who knows? In a series as competitive as this one, that could be all the Celtics need to put them over the top.

– Brian

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