…to the Boston Celtics and Jordan.

I thought he was definitely going to pussy out of it when we made that bet at the start of the series (I didn’t bet my eyebrows). Ah well, the Charlie-V look is totally working for him anyway.

Onto the Boston Celtics. All the Cavs-talk is played out so I’m not going to bother with that… elbows, teammates not showing up, Lebron not showing up, whatever. Here are just some of my thoughts on the next match-up

I think the Orlando Magic are going to be a whole different monster for the Celtics. Yes, we’ve all seen Perkins neutralize Dwight Howard 1-on-1, but can we really expect this to be 100% successful through 100% of the playoff series? Dwight’s going to be Dwight and that’s going to demand a double-team from Garnett, once that happens, Rashard Lewis is going to do what he does best. By the same token though, Garnett is going to have a field day with ‘Shard on the offensive end much like he did with Jamison, although I believe ‘Shard’s going to be able to bother him a bit more with his length. Whichever way this match-up swings will pretty much determine the series.

I’d also like to see Van Gundy give the bulldog Brandon Bass a little bit of burn and take it to Garnett. No one has really bothered him in the painted area in these playoffs, Bass can change that.

The backcourts of the two teams are pretty even (provided Pierce doesn’t go Houdini on the Celtics again). It’s simply a matter of who shows up and who doesn’t. I am particularly intrigued by Carter though…

Throughout his career he has been called a choker, a player not concerned with winning. While I know these statements are complete bogus, it will be interesting to see how he deals with these critics. This is the first time in his career he’s been on an actual championship contender and up until now this team hasn’t faced any real problems – this series could actually re-define his entire career. I believe he will step up.

It should be noted that the Celtics are going to miss Eddie House a lot more than they think. While both he and Nate Robinson provide that offensive spark off the bench, he was able to play within their system – which is something Nate can’t do, not right now anyway. Doc Rivers can’t trust and play Nate like he did with Eddie House in the playoffs.

While the voice of reason in my head says the Magic will take this series, I’m going to go with the Celtics in 7.

There is a reason I predicted this team to reach the NBA Finals this year and so far they’ve only proven me right. These guys have won the ‘ship before, they know what it takes. Quite a few of them also know that this is going to be their last shot at another title and that sense of urgency is what’s going to drive them throughout and eventually win them this series…

No, I’m not shaving anything if the Celtics lose.

– Brian

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