Warning – Pretty gruesome sports injury. Not for the weak of heart.

Kind of interesting that this happened shortly after Brian’s post about busts. So Bogut was on his way to prove that he wasn’t a bust and with a season ending injury and most likely career inhibiting injury like this… Where does he go?

Now I’m not going to debate the definition of a bust because it’s been debated to death and everyone’s idea of a bust is slightly different, but here’s a post about Andrew Bogut. As a Rockets fan I’ve only been disappointed by injuries at the wrong times like for like… every season. And yeah it sucks. Andrew Bogut was just about to prove himself to be a legitimate NBA starting center on a playoff team and he was about to head into the playoffs and make some noise with partner-in-crime Brandon Jennings and now he’s going to have to watch from the sideline.

Silver lining is that he injured his arm which is not as significant to overall body movement as say, the back or the knees. He will still be able to get around the court fine and that arm will just have to heal over time.

Remember when Greg Oden injured his right hand and it forced him to work on his left? Of course Greg Oden is still turning out to be pretty useless but this could really be a blessing in disguise. Bogut isn’t a player who relies on jump-shooting (and he shouldn’t) so in a way he injured himself at the best place to get a severe injury.

Here’s hoping for a speedy recovery. Looking forward to you making some noise next year.

– Jordan

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